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About Australia

In this section, we hope to assist you with your understanding...

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Australia is a major immigration country, approximately a quarter...

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Short Travel

Discover Australia, the cities, the outback, the tropics, the islands...

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Back Packing

Many tourists choose backpacking as their preferred method of...

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The people of Australia know that they are blessed and for this reason they are...

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The Australian economy is currently one of the most robust in the world...

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The Australian education system is world-class; for foreign students on visas...

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The wonderful thing about Australia is the vast amount of land...

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Places to Visit

Australia is an entire continent, and as such, itís terrain and climate...

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This site offers you all that you need to know about Australia, whether you are planning to migrate, make a short visit, backpack or study in Australia.

This site contains all you need to know about planning your trip, including immigration and visa matters, budget information, customs entry and exit details, housing and employment matters, plus some additional fun information on the average Australian lifestyle, suggested places to visit, and even a few helpful cultural etiquette hints.
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